System requirements

Browser compatibility
This internet site uses standard features of internet browsers for its presentation and user interface: Javascript, cookies and popup windows. All current browsers support these features.
To utilise the hgqn database use the following (or later) browser versions:
• MS Internet Explorer 6 (or higher)
• Mozilla Firefox 1 (or higher)
• Opera 7.5 (or higher)
• Netscape 7.1 (or higher)

Screen resolution
A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is required.

Browser cookies
This internet site uses so called browser cookies to increase user friendliness. Among other things, your last search inputs are stored by the browser cookies. However, no person related data is stored.

The use of browser cookies should be allowed in the settings of your browser in order to ensure error free operation of this internet site.

This internet site uses Javascript to check user inputs and increase user friendliness.

Javascript should be activated in your browser settings in order to ensure error free operation of this internet site.

Popup windows
In addition, this internet site uses so called popup windows for instance to display help dialogues. However no adverts will be displayed!

To ensure the user friendliness of this internet site, popup windows should be allowed in your browser settings.

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